About sculpting:

A Greek Odyssey

I do not remember a moment when I started drawing ... it was always there, a part of me. Drawing, like writing,... the beginning of everything. What I drew, I remember were, males, females, scribble-doodle.

The relationship I had with the body, the "being" is the same as the relationship that people had 1000 years ago. Research into what am I, who am I ... what is human and non-human.

Thus man is "the" subject of my art. All my art, drawings, paintings and sculptures. 

The narrative was first the main task of art. The story of man and his God told in all facets. It seems that with leaving God ... waiting for Godot, man is written entirely away from art. Get rid of the gods and their perfect body, they no longer have any use. Away with religions, they no longer have any use!

What about my Greek heroes, sculptors, the doryphoros, the diadoumenos ... my passion for the body. The gods have really left us. But is this so? Isn't it just a shift into something else? The narrative of art, the gods ... it still exists. We can however find them in another "genre",  film. Have we not made the heroes of the white cloth gods? Are not the stories in the films the stories of the gods? But where is the art in all this? When it has lost its narrative and divine task, what did it focus on?

Does it still have ties with the people? The people, for whom the stories were meant for? Unfortunately, art seems to have turned away from the common people and is rooting around in a world that exists only for itself ... which consists of stories ... only for the delight of the ego itself ... which can be understood only by insiders, not by everyone. And with this, it has also renounced humanity. It only exists as an idea, as Plato said: "artists are impostors, they make a copy of a copy," but can never approach what "the idea" actually means.

I do not believe that we already have an answer to the questions of life that we ask ourselves. Science, which was so sure of itself, has now also changed.….not so sure anymore of what they first praised. Is it not time to let humanity and its gods with perfect bodies return to art? Or will we continue to worship the gods of the white cloth as if they were truly immortals.

In this way I keep on wandering on my Odyssey of mimesis ... hoping to ever get home.

To breathe life into a statue was the principal aim of much Classical Greek art.  In my Odyssey I try to have the same goal. Perhaps the Greek name my mother gave me, was the beginning of my everlasting passion for Greek art. 

This concept of imitation of nature in art, intended to deceive the senses, was invented by the Greeks and is still current in the modern world.  Via the proces of deception, an image lures the mind away from the idea behind its conception. 

In my works, I try to call up the spirit of the antiques. Not to copy them, but to tell about the greatness of the past, shape the greatness of their philosophical thought behind the "body", coming in thought to Plato and his mimesis theory.

From the very beginning, I was attracted to the luminescence of marble. The crushing of the stone under the hammer. The sensuality of the surface, like a skin; stretched out; but translucent, luminous, glowing.

But most of all, sculpting for me is like breathing.  I can't live without it! But always a fight, a struggle to shape the ultimate form. A true Odyssey.